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Medical Breakthrough Experience the Nature 9 Plus Sauna - A Fusion of Health, Featuring a Reclining Bench and Side Seating

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Revolutionize Your Sauna Experience with Medical Sauna's Full Spectrum Infrared Technology and Innovative Features

Medical Sauna's Full Spectrum heaters mark a paradigm shift in sauna technology, delivering an invigorating session that surpasses conventional infrared saunas. While other saunas emit infrared waves at one end of the spectrum, our technology covers the full range—near, mid, and far infrared. This comprehensive spectrum ensures varied levels of skin penetration and light therapy, maximizing the benefits of each session for enhanced relaxation and well-being.

Safety is paramount in our design philosophy. The inclusion of protective heater covers, crafted from the same wood as the sauna, ensures both aesthetic appeal and customer safety. Our commitment to customization is evident in the removable bench, providing additional standing and movement space to tailor your sauna experience to perfection.

Experience unmatched comfort with ergonomic backrests included in every Ultra Full Spectrum Medical Sauna, addressing the need for back support during prolonged sessions. The sauna's durable Natural Red Cedar construction not only promotes longevity but also offers astringent properties, cleansing your skin for enhanced detoxification benefits.

Grounded in documented research, Medical Saunas prioritize your health by relying on proven medical benefits. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in products backed by substantial research, ensuring you make an informed decision about your well-being.

Made in the USA and hand-assembled in Los Angeles, Medical Saunas boast zero compromises. Working directly from our factory, we collaborate with medical professionals to deliver top-tier health benefits to our customers.

Introducing the Rapid Internal Heating System™, a game-changer in sauna heating capability. Unlike traditional saunas that take up to two hours to pre-heat, our system heats up in as little as 40 minutes, maximizing your time inside for optimal healing and relaxation. The system's rapid heating promotes increased endurance and immune system strength, simulating the effects of a workout for improved athletic performance and immune response.

Our Hot/Cold Cleansing System™ capitalizes on hot/cold therapy, a proven method for muscle relaxation and flexibility improvement. The Detox Routine™, unique to Medical Saunas, ensures the removal of harmful toxins from your body, providing an energized and purified feeling after each session.

The Insulated Airflow System™ maintains constant sauna temperature, complementing the heating system for maximum health benefits. Unveiling the first-ever 3D Heat Therapy™, Medical Saunas penetrate deep into tissue and cells, rejuvenating your body from the inside out.

Safety extends to the Safe Cool Down System™, allowing gradual cooling after a session to prevent health complications. Completing the experience is the Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™, utilizing Natural Red Cedar and powerful heating to leave your skin feeling soft, fresh, and revitalized after each session.

More than just relaxation tools, Medical Saunas are designed to heal your body. Backed by doctors with over 100 years of combined experience, our saunas offer a myriad of medical benefits, making them an essential part of your daily wellness routine.

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