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Harvia Electric Heater

What Type Of Harvia Sauna Heater Should I Buy?

The rise of Saunas

With the recent spike in sauna demand we believe Harvia is one of the top choices one could buy when it comes to providing heat to your sauna. With that being said, it can be fairly confusing to sort out which model and size of heater fits best for your sauna. Because of this, were here to help you find the perfect Harvia sauna heater


Why you can trust us:

  • We have helped small and large business's provide heat to their sauna rooms with Harvia sauna heaters. 

  • Our average sauna heater review from customers is 5 stars

  • Our staff consists of sauna owners, sauna users, and sauna technical experts.


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Basic Facts About Harvia Saunas

The 7 Most Popular Harvia Sauna Heater Models We Offer

1. Harvia KIP45B - 4.5kW Sauna Heater With Built-In Controls

  • Price: $907.
  • Coverage Area: 110 to 210 cubic feet.
  • Controls: Managing the temperature can be done directly on the unit by adjusting its dial.

Highlights: UL Certified this heater has been tested and proven to be safe for all users. As it is typically used for home's more than other Harvia sauna heater models we believe it is one of the most user friendly options that makes it easy for kids to enjoy as well. 

Features: The stainless steel body gives a traditional look without compromising on performance:

  • Only 1 box of stones is required for operation that can be purchased directly on the heaters product page.
  • Wall mounting ability allows for the heater to take up little space in the sauna.
  • 2 year warranty. 


  • Simple design makes it easy to install and use.
  • Minimal amount of rocks needed which allows an easy replacement process (this is common among electric Harvia sauna heaters). 
  • Lower cost as there is no need for additional control panels along with only 1 box of stones required.


  • Very basic controls that are not as precise as other Harvia sauna heater models.
  • As this is a very commonly used model to be included as a package with sauna kits it lacks unique aesthetics.

Other Electric Harvia Sauna Heater Models

2. Harvia PRO 20 - 24kW Sauna Wood Burning Stove

  • Price: $1224.
  • Coverage Area: 283 to 706 cubic feet.
  • Control: None needed.

Highlights: This harvia sauna heater offers wood burning heat which involves a peaceful crackling sound during use. While wood burning heaters often are simple to setup (no electricty installation involved) they can sometimes require a greater financial investment as a chimney system is required to let the smoke exit out of the sauna safely. Harvia sauna heaters in our opinion are the easiest heaters to setup when installing a new chimney system. 

Features: Among Wood burning models, the Pro is is the most popular of Harvia sauna heaters.

  • Strengthens the legs.
  • Cultivates focus.
  • 2 year warranty.

"I really like the way my sauna heater works since I got it. Looks very nice and heats the space up quickly."

Mike Schwattz (verified buyer)

3. Harvia Vega Compact Series 3.5kW Sauna Heater 240V

  • Price: $834.
  • Coverage Area: 70 to 175 cubic feet.
  • Control: Controls directly on the heater (no need for additional controls)..

Highlights: This Harvia sauna heater is one of the newer models produced by the brand. With a compact style body it boasts silver finishings throughout the unit with its stainless steal shell and chrome details.

Features: With its compact design this Harvia sauna heater is often referred to as the more modern version of the KIP series.

  • Designed to be wall mounted which takes minimal space in the sauna (as most electric Harvia sauna heaters are).
  • Requires 1 box of stones which can be purchased on the heaters product page as a package.
  • 2 year warranty.

More Harvia Sauna Heater Models

4. Harvia Virta Pro HL160E 16.0kW Sauna Heater

  • Price: $2934.
  • Coverage Area: 354 to 918 cubic feet.
  • Control: Requires Xenio control and power extension box. Both can be bought as a package on the heaters product page.

Highlights: As this Harvia sauna heater is designed for commercial use, often often find them being ordered for fitness clubs, day spas, hotels, and apartment buildings.

Features: The large body of this Harvia sauna heater requires 200lbs of sauna rocks which are available for purchase on the heaters product page.

  • Designed to be used for extended periods of time.
  • Direct contact between the sauna rocks and heating elements.
  • 2 year warranty.

5. Harvia M3 Wood-Burning Stove Kit BK

  • Price: $3355.
  • Coverage Area: 212 to 459 cubic feet.
  • Controls: None Required (no electrical controls available for wood burning models).

Highlights: While wood burning Harvia sauna heaters require chimney systems this Harvia sauna heater provides a complete one-stop-shop kit that promises all of the chimney parts provided fit perfectly. This makes things much easier for the consumer as sorting out the correct sizes and dimensions of the needed chimney system can be a bit of a challenge. 


  • Harvia Sauna Heater.
  • Protective Bedding.
  • 1500MM Chimney System.
  • 1000MM Chimney Extension.
  • Protective Sheath.
  • Sauna Stones

"My Harvia sauna heater is the best sauna heater I've ever owned. After buying other brands for years the quality in this one is the best I've seen."

Mark Edmonds (Verified Buyer)

6. Harvia Spirit SP60E - Spirit Series 6kW Sauna Heater In Black

  • Price: $1348.
  • Coverage Area: 177 to 294 cubic feet.
  • Controls: Xenio control available for purchase directly on the heaters product page.

Highlights: Harvia has recently decided to add the spirit series to their offering. Customers have noticed a less harsh type of heat that allows them to stay in the sauna for longer periods of time comfortably while still experiencing the same health benefits. Harvia sauna heaters typcially do not have this type of rounded stones which makes the spirit series models unique to the brand. 


  • Stone to heating element contact to provide premium heat.
  • Ability to connect to the control system via wifi.
  • Little amount of metal used for healthier produced heat.

"Harvia has yet to let me down when I've bought their sauna heaters . I've bought one for my home and my son owns one that I bought him."

Scott Baxel (Verified Buyer)

7. Harvia Virta Combi HL60SA 6.0kW Sauna Heater

  • Price: $2815.
  • Coverage Area: 177 to 294 cubic feet.
  • Controls: Xenio control which can be purchased on the heaters product page.

Highlights: This Harvia sauna heater model allows the user to place the unit on a wall, in a corner, or stand anywhere on its own. Compared to other Harvia sauna heater models, this unit is one of the most customizable as you can purchase accessories that help bring a upgraded experience. 


  • Control the unit from the temperature control panel our your phone with the optional wifi control unit.
  • 5 liter water capacity.
  • Industrial grade heating elements that allow the unit to run for extended periods of time.


Buying a perfect Harvia sauna heater can be overwhelming if your new to the market. Luckily Harvia sauna heater models have consistantly stood out through time which allows us to recommend them with confidence. In addition to this, almost all Harvia models come with atleast a 2 year warranty which gives customers peace of mind. We hope this blog has been informative for you to find the perfect Harvia Sauna Heater to fit your needs. 

Harvia sauna heater models continue to provide our customers with some of the longest lasting sauna heaters money can buy today.

With manufacturing in Finland, Harvia is one of the few truly authentic brands that stick to their roots.

From being in the business 60 years Harvia has been able to perfect the modern day sauna heater. 

If you want to buy a Harvia sauna heater from us please click on the underlined text below:

Electric heaters

Wood burning heaters

The Author: Braden Threlkeld

Braden Threlkeld is the founder of Bio Wellness Collection. He obsessively looks for new ways people can improve their health from home. "I want to find ways I can improve my health along with my family without having to leave my house. (BT)" That is the overall goal for the products Bio Wellness Collection offers. Each product has either been tested or thoroughly researched before being offered on the store. 

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Harvia Sauna Heater Models Featured In This Blog

Frequently Asked Questions About Harvia Sauna Heaters

Which Harvia sauna heater is the best?

As long you buy a heater that is powerful enough to heat your sauna. There is not right or wrong model. The question is what type of heat do you want. Electric tends to be a more intense type of heat while wood burning feels a bit "softer." Electric heaters with a large amount of rocks tend to be in the middle.

What do I wear when using my Harvia sauna heater?

Many of our customers choose to use their saunas undressed when in the comfort of their own home. However, we always advise you to check rules when using a commercial model in public!

Are Harvia sauna heaters dangerous?

Absolutely not. In fact, we have never been notified of a single injury from any of our customers. 

How long do Harvia sauna heaters last?

Similar to a car, the more you use it the quicker the heating elements will need to be replaced. However, with a 2 year warranty you can relax in bliss. 

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